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Temporary Staff Agency offers a service of placing employees in temporary positions based on the customer’s needs. It means that we have applicants available at small scales to replace temporary jobs unoccupied by permanent employees who are on vacation, maternity leave, emergency leave, or retirement. Temporary employees are frequently required on short notice, and we keep an up-to-date database of qualified and experienced individuals to fulfill this requirement.

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The first place to start searching for an agency is online. Most reliable urgent staff agencies such as Workers-Direct can be found and contacted over the web. This also allows you to take a closer look at their mission statement, each of our consultants are experts in their fields. They have hands-on experience as well as the technical knowledge of the industry that they are working in so that they can better understand and meet the needs and requirements of our clients, as well as those of our candidates


Temporary Staff Agency is a leading temporary employment firm in the United Kingdom. We have access to a massive database of temporary workers that are qualified, competent, and experienced, as well as prepared to begin the job on short notice as part of the Workers Direct Group.

We take the notice of hiring temporary or part-time employees by ensuring that all of our applicants are properly screened and interviewed and having all of their background checks completed before we put them with any of our customers.

Our expertise has grown and we can now provide temporary staff solutions in many industries, including the following:

  • Administrative
  • Front-line and clerical
  • Hospitality
  • Catering
  • Industrial
  • Warehousing
  • Sales and Retail
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Events
  • IT
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As we grow, we add to our experience and expertise and value all comments from both our clients as well as our candidates. It helps us to improve on the service that we provide. temp agency

Quality of service is our main concern and our clients get the best possible service available. At the same time we also view our candidates as clients and they too get good service from us. Happy temp workers ensure that we have happy clients. temp agency

For further information, browse our tabs or feel free to contact any of our friendly and efficient recruitment consultants for more information.

We are proud to be part of

Workers Direct LTD.

Workers-Direct, for example, is a reputable urgent staffing agency that can be located and contacted online. It also permits you to examine their mission statement in further detail; every consultant is an expert in their industry. They have both hands-on experience and technical understanding of the sector in which they operate, allowing them to understand better and satisfy the demands and expectations of both our clients and applicants.

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In order to ensure that the client is satisfied with the placement, our consultants will always check the job specification with the client. If anything is left out, the consultant will add it in. When time allows, the client may be presented with a shortlist of candidates and is then free to choose the one they think most appropriate for the job. In cases of short notice or an emergency replacement, the client will be contacted within three hours of commencement of work to check that the candidate is making the expected progress.

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Workers Direct provides contract, temporary and/or temporary to permanent placements in all sectors with remarkable results. We attain this through blend of best people, endless development, ground-breaking determination and principled performances. It allocates our clients to shape, strategise and do their jobs safely and sustainably, certifying that foundation is modernised and effective for all key applicants for temp jobs.

We provide to our clients depending on their demand; temporary, contract and permanent recruitment services for Administrative Staff, Cleaners, Decorators, Drivers, Electricians, General Labourers, Handyman, Housekeepers, Maintenance Man, Multi Skilled Builders, Painters, Site Operatives, Supervisors, and many more as one of the leading temp agency in UK.

Being temp worker has many great advantages compared to working in permanent position include flexibility in work/life, valuable opportunity to experience, higher hourly rate temp jobs, no need to do long-term, expand professional network, and can become permanent role. Benefits of temporary work makes them more desirable than permanent role.

If you looking for job; on top of this page there is tab “CONTACT”; under “CONTACT” there is “CV REGISTRATION”. This is where you can show your interest in industry of your choosing along with your own precise contact details and your up to date CV. If you looking for more than one industry; please do mention it. t

Although majority of our clients have been in various parts of the UK requiring staff in other areas in general; but our staff has been covering throughout the UK and in some cases even abroad. Mentioning abroad; we have provided staff previously in countries like France and Isle of Jersey.

Temporary work is fantastic way to take experience and money in flexible way. While staff can also benefit from higher level than normal pay are common for short-term employment. This is why it is best to have temporary jobs that pays more in a definite likelihood then a permanent one. temp agency

If you looking for staff; on top of this page there is “HOME PAGE”; under “HOME PAGE” there is “BOOK STAFF”. This is where you can show your interest in the candidates of your choosing along with your own precise contact details. If you looking for few people to work in more than one industry; please do mention it.

Contrary to popular belief, it has roots in a piece that “Jobs” on top of this page is where the jobs will be overall generated for the firm with its own industry once advertised. There is certainly no limit to how many people can apply for such an availability but there is chances of it getting noticed by many.

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