About Us

Temporary Staff Agency is an expert in matching the client with the right person for the job. Our consultants are highly knowledgeable, organised and professional as well as committed to providing the staff our clients need. Our services range from temporary or peak season staff, as well as contractual basis and long term employees. Our consultants are approachable, effective and reliable in matching employers with motivated and qualified workers.


Quality in Service

At Temporary Staff Service, we assimilate our clients’ business objectives as well as strengths and goals of qualified staff. We are there from start to finish. Our job does not end after job placement. We periodically check for client satisfaction and for employees settling into the job. Our company is driven in giving quality service to satisfied clients and contented staff.

”We Strive for Equal Opportunity to Satisfy Clients and Fulfil Employees’ Needs”

We are providing experts and qualified workers to the clients and company. Our consultants are highly educated, organized and professional. We have a team recruited candidates who are willing to do their jobs with kind heart. The peak season of the temporary employees and contractual long-term employees are available on our web page. We recruit advisors for the clients, these advisors help the candidates to polish their skills.

Our aim is to satisfy clients with our excellent services. We won’t prefer quantity over quality. We also prefer skilled and qualified staff for the temporary jobs.

We’ll be there from beginning to end. Our work does not end with the placement of a job. We monitor customer satisfaction and staff training regularly. Our company is focused on providing excellent service to delighted customers and talented employees. Equal satisfaction is required to achieve the goals of both the customer and the worker. Our focus is on combining the specific demands of clients with competent employees and on earning a reputation as one of the finest in the business.

We seek to provide greater chances for ambitious and driven people to discover better-fitting employment that matches their credentials and fulfil and develop their goals. Our regular inspections maintain track of the efficiency of the personnel assigned to the job, and we retain this information on file for future temporary staff assignments.