Many of the temporary positions that Temporary Staff Agency (TSA) fills are administrative by nature. They involve computer work, typing, data capturing, filing and a whole host of other services. Although not a specialist field per se, it requires a fair amount of skill and experience to handle demanding administrative tasks.

Skill and Experience

We have candidates that are able to fulfil the whole spectrum of skill and experience in administration: From beginners and simple tasks to advanced and managerial tasks. Our administrative candidates are encouraged to upskill themselves on an ongoing basis and we try to place each candidate into more challenging positions than previously in order to build their skill set as well as their experience levels.

Job Specification

The client is responsible for setting the level of skill and experience when issuing a job specification to TSA. The consultant will always confirm the tasks and duties with the client. This is an essential step in the placement process. If we don’t have this information, we may end up making an inappropriate match which could lead to client dissatisfaction. Our client’s satisfaction is our number one priority and we, therefore, ensure that everything possible is done to meet their requirements.