Many of the temporary roles filled by the Temporary Staff Agency (TSA) is administrative. Computer work, typing, data capture, filing, and various other tasks are all part of the service.

Skill and experience

From beginners and easy jobs to professional and management responsibilities, we have people that can fulfil the whole spectrum of administrative talent and expertise. Our administrative applicants are urged to upskill regularly. We make every effort to place them in more demanding roles than they have previously held to expand their skill set and experience levels.

Job Specification

The client is responsible for setting the level of skill and experience when issuing a job specification to TSA. The consultant will always confirm the tasks and duties with the client. This is an essential step in the placement process. If we don’t have this information, we may end up making an inappropriate match which could lead to client dissatisfaction. Our client’s satisfaction is our number one priority and we, therefore, ensure that everything possible is done to meet their requirements.