Job hunting during the Corona Virus Pandemic
Find out below how to deal and plan for applications and interviews when the Corona Virus Pandemic has thrown so many things in the air:
The UK government has implemented some extraordinary measures in an exceptionally short period of time to counter the spread of the Corona Virus. As companies move to remote work to fight the Corona Virus Pandemic and an increasing number of workers have been laid off, you might be wondering if you should send your resume or just assume that no one is hiring unless the world gets back to the normal track.
Economists predict the recession but the career experts advice to keep networking and applying. With all that said, you can still be actively work on your job search. These tips will help you navigate the process and you never know you may get through all the hurdles you are facing during the season of pandemic:
Consider how urgent your search is: During this season of Covid-19 many industries have been hit hard by it and so it flushed all the new opportunities and offers candidates could have availed. So to meet all the needs you may need to consider any opportunity that brings food to your table and pays your bills or rent. This hard time it’s better to consider if its fulfilling your needs rather than thinking about if you like it or not.
Get Comfortable Networking Online: Events will stay postponed for a while so you need to find a new networking strategy. A smart choice is to be more active on social networking sites like Face book and Linked IN. Both platforms offer a wide range of job offers relating to almost every Industry. You can add yourself in certain groups offering paid jobs and tasks that can be done at home online. Moreover, highlight yourself by participating in the group conversations and staying more active in making posts and commenting. Keep in mind if you have mastered the technology you can invite the professional contacts to arrange an official meeting to offer you some real future deal.
Stay in touch: You may have had a promising interview of a job offered before the pandemic but things later slowed down and disappeared with the rise of the pandemic. Before losing hope why not getting in touch with the hiring manager again? You may contact the organization through an email and even offer them alternative ways to continue the work like working from home online. Make sure you demonstrate a thoughtful attitude. This includes you can offer them to let you assist them some project they are currently running instead of asking for their help. This would definitely set a very good image of you and show how willing and dedicated you are to work for them. You never know it can win you extra points over other candidates.
Gather Intel: The Covid-19 crisis can provide a unique glimpse to the company culture. keep yourself updated enough about how the leadership is dealing with this emergency with their employees. Whether they have laid off a certain number of employees or asked the workers to work from home online. You can keep a check through social media or watching any coverage if there is about the company or organization. You can setup for Google Alerts for the companies you want to work for and keep yourself updated. Moreover, using your knowledge you can let the company know how you would be useful to them to achieve the company’s goals if hired.
Use the time to Reflect: Job seekers often jump at the first opportunity they see without thinking enough what they want to do next. Covid-19 crisis can be taken positively if we use this slow down situation to think the kind of employment we actually want, the title or role we are looking for. To be a little organized you can make a one-page document to list all the Industries and Companies you are interested to work for. Instead of applying for every hiring post you see you can actually reach out for the companies you are interested to work for. This way you can start making your connections slowly. So make sure this time is made productive by thinking on a long term basis.
Boost your skills: Now is the perfect timing to work over your qualification. Analyze job descriptions with a focus on the skills required and see whether you have those skills If you lack those skills, you can use this time to think what can be done to brush up those skills. This can be the preparation time to win some extra points over other candidates and make yourself better before the market gets active again.
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