Short Terms Staff

Temporary Staffing – Permanent Service Temporary staff is a popular way of filling gaps in the workforce. It is also a preferred method of supplementing the normal staff complement in times of growth and large workloads. Staff Direct is an agency that specialises in short term staff, extra staff and relief staff. As a temping

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Temporary Staff

Staff Direct – A cost effective Temp Agency London Every business that has employees will find itself in need of a little extra help sometimes you might expect the need, such as a worker taking sick leave for a planned surgery or when you want extra hands for holidays, leave, spikes in business or business

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Staffing Solution

what we do Hire Temporary StaffWheneverYou Need Administrative We have a large database of administrative staff including, Receptionists, PAs , Data Entry Operators & Admin Assistants. Hospitality & Catering Either you need a temporary host, housekeeper, chef or a Cleaning staff call Staff Direct for an immediate Placement. Construction & Industrial Our skilled site operatives

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Recruitment Process

One of our main concerns is our client’s satisfaction and therefore we offer a guarantee that will address any dissatisfaction that the client may have. The guarantee is discussed and explained when the client contracts with us and they are given copies of the guarantee for their records. Our consultants do periodic checks on the

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Healthcare Staff

Healthcare staffing agencies are of vital importance in today’s shortage of properly qualified and experienced nursing and other Healthcare staff. Clinical staffing is a difficult field as it encompasses so many areas in the industry that consultants need to know exactly what and who they are looking for. Nursing staff agencies do their best to

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Catering Staff Agency

Whether you need a cook or a kitchen porter, we can provide you with the best kitchen staff. As a catering staff agency, we rank tops in the industry. We specialise in all types of catering staff from cleaners and catering assistants, right through to the best chefs in the industry. Therefor our agency is

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