Workers who wish to work in the catering business must meet a wide range of skills, expertise, and criteria. Many of the roles available in this field also need a lot of qualifications. We do extensive background investigations, follow-up on referrals, and confirm qualifications to ensure that our customers receive the best of the best – even when seeking temporary personnel.

In order to guarantee that our clients get the best of the best – even when requesting temporary staff, we do intensive background checks, follow-up on referrals and validate qualifications.


In this industry staff turnaround is high and temporary staff need to be available on very short notice. When we add a candidate to our database we also add in a mechanism where the candidate indicates his / her availability for a specific period of time. This usually means that the candidate will be able to start working within hours of being notified of the available position.

They are also bound to finish jobs. Unless a client is dissatisfied with the candidate’s performance, the candidate will be available to the client for as long as his / her services are required.


Another competitive aspect of this industry is the rates paid to staff. Although we pay our candidates well (to ensure that we keep good candidates on our books), our rates to our clients are highly competitive. This ensures that the client gets the best value for money while we also have happy candidates who are willing to work more often because they are remunerated well.