Data Entry

Data Entry Operator Job

Data Entry Job employees have the responsibility to enter data from different sources into the computer system of the company to conduct the processing and management of the work. An employee need to perform different tasks and would need to efficiently manage a large amount of information as some of the information is public and some of it is often sensitive or confidential. The integrity and honor of any company is based on the data they generate which demonstrates the importance of this position. Any piece of information up dated by the team will then be used as a  reference or reports by other people.

  • Prepares, compiles, and arrange documents for data entry.
  • Transcribes source data into the required electronic format.
  • Transfers information from paper formats into computer files using keyboards, recorders, or optical scanners.
  • Performs high-volume entry of the information using word processing, spreadsheet, database, or other computer software.
  • Reviews data for errors, missing pages, or missing information and resolves any discrepancies.
  • Maintains a filing system and protects confidential customer information.
  • Performs regular backups to ensure data preservation.
  • Responds to request to retrieve data from the database or electronic filing system.
  • Uses basic office equipment (photocopy machine, facsimile machine, etc.)


Temporary staff agency has an extensive database with suitably qualified and experienced candidates for most data entry positions. If we are unable to immediately meet the client’s requirements, we will actively recruit, headhunt and job post for the position at no additional cost to the client. Usually we would require some prior notice of a position becoming available in order to take the necessary recruitment steps.

Data Entry Operator Qualifications/Skills

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