Hospitality is one of the most intensive industries to work in. Even though many people start their careers doing some sort of work in hospitality, it requires a great deal of stamina and knowledge to maintain a successful career in this industry. Long hours, customer service demands and other challenges often cause people to move into different lines of work.

This is why TSA only chooses the best candidates to place as temporary staff with our clients. In this high-demand field, our clients can’t afford sub-standard performance – even from temporary staff. Therefore, we screen each candidate intensively before entering them into our extensive database.


Temporary Staff Agency recruits using a variety of platforms. Our recruitment takes the form of advertising, registering your CV on our website and, most important of all, from referrals by clients and other candidates. This helps us broaden our base of skills and expertise in the hospitality industry and ensures that we can provide our clients with the best candidates possible.

Turnaround time

We recognise that the hospitality industry waits for no-one and we, therefore, guarantee a very short turnaround time when we receive a request for staff. Most of our candidates are available at a moment’s notice and can be on duty within a matter of hours.