We promise to our clients and candidates that we are:

  • Bespoke in our services
  • Determined in our approach
  • Quickly Respond to your needs and requests
  • Reliable & Trustworthy in providing the 100% results
  • Cost Effective in all our short terms & temporary staffing placements

We are specialise in both permanent and temporary recruitment strategies, so whatever your needs are we can help take your business to the next level. Some of the perks of working with Staff Direct. include:

  • No delay: We understand how important it is to get things done quickly in the business world. Recruitment often drags on for weeks or months if it isn’t done by professionals; with Workers Direct agency you will benefit from speedy results.
  • No upfront fees: When you become a client with Workers Direct Ltd. you won’t need to pay any upfront costs to join. This means no hefty start-up fees to get your recruitment drive going.
  • No placement, no fee: As well as the free cost of joining us as a client, you won’t be made to pay a thing unless we successfully manage to place a suitable candidate into your company.
  • Expertise: Our recruiting team have worked across a diverse array of sectors over the years, so we closely understand many industries. We’ve worked with clients from construction to hospitality so get in touch whatever your line of work.
  • Modern strategies: Finding the best candidates in the modern day requires the latest recruitment strategies. We use innovative recruiting techniques to narrow down the most capable individuals for your business.
  • Temp or permanent: Whether your business needs temporary additions or you’re looking to add someone permanent, Workers Direct has the skill and experience to make world-class hiring decisions in both areas.
  • Full Money Back Guarantee means we refund your entire fee in any event applicant being not available to work. It favours you as employer as it gives your company opportunity to find alternative suitable one, without paying for hire that did not work.
  • Find The Best Candidates Various agencies unwilling to introduce this guarantee because their main desire is to help you find best candidate – not retain them. After all, you need successful hire to validate your agency spend.
  • Fortunately, if you pay under full money back guarantee scheme with Staff Direct; we ensure that we have been doing all we can to help you find best candidates. Best way to find middle ground is to pair it with shorter guarantee, for temporary period only.