Our Services

Our Services

Temporary Staff Agency provides a service of placing staff in temporary positions as per the requirements of the client.

This means that we have candidates available at short notice to fill temporary positions created by permanent staff going on holiday, maternity leave, emergency leave or retirement. Temporary staff are usually needed on short notice and to meet this need we maintain an updated database of skilled and experienced candidates.

Part of the service

As part of this service, we discuss the client’s needs in detail with him / her. It is important that the consultant understands exactly what is required in order to make the most appropriate match the first time. In the event that we don’t have a suitable candidate on our database, we will recruit candidates for that position. This is done through advertising, headhunting, job postings etc. and is completely free of charge to the client.


Once a candidate has been placed with the client, our consultants will follow up with both the client and the candidate to determine if the desired progress is being made. The consultant will act immediately on any issues that arise from the placement and will co-ordinate replacements if needed.Once the job has been completed, the consultant will obtain feedback from both the client and the candidate on their experiences and provide the information to the relevant parties. If there are any issues that need to be addressed at that point, the consultant will act upon it immediately and resolve the situation as soon as possible.

Temporary Staff Agency