Why Healthcare Jobs are in demands?

The reason behind the peak demand in Healthcare Jobs is quite clear: the pandemic is in progress, the role of health professionals in the community is now more important than ever. However, those who may be interested in doing such important line of work, it may have some misgivings.
Have recently heated (and often downright ugly) debate in the media throughout the NHS and nursing homes may have made many prospective health workers think twice before signing up.

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So what problems healthcare workers can face?

• PPE, which stands for Personal Protective Equipment. No beating around the bush: the supply of life-saving device is still very low. Nurses and doctors across the United lament not only the lack of surgical masks, gloves, goggles, aprons and respirators (masks medical grade should be used when treating people with Covid-19); they have stated they are not sufficient.
An absence of PPE has caused more than 300 deaths in the UK between NHS staff and caregivers until the time of writing (June 25th 2020).

• A low salary. Papers and fellow citizens have brought these issues to the surface: if this kind of work is very basic and dangerous, why do not the staff be given proper wages?

• Immigration issues. Although the free visa extension scheme was conducted in March, many immigrant health workers (such as ward cleaners Covid) has been abandoned. This means they can be denied the right to live and work in the UK.

Top Demanding Health & Social Care Jobs?

A Health Professional is an individual authorised to provide health care to patients after completing a course of study and are accredited by professional bodies.

Some examples of Healthcare Jobs in the UK are:

• Nurses and midwives

• Medical and dental staff

• Paramedics

• Mental Health Practitioner (eg, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.)

• Health support workers

• Pharmacist

Role & Responsibilties of Social Workers?

Social workers help vulnerable people to manage their daily lives, and become as independent as possible. They provide support to people in need in their own homes, nursing homes, day centers or other facilities.
They are different from Labor Health in that they provide support for non-clinical needs. Nevertheless, Health and Social Workers frequently collaborate with each other.

Typical tasks of Social Workers are:

• help people who are prone to washing and dressing
• perform household chores such as washing clothes and shopping
• cook the food and / or assist them with meal
• check they are taking drugs prescribed
• support people to maintain their physical and mental well-being through activities

Carer agency & healthcare workers most in demand

• Health Assistants work in hospitals or in community settings (such as GP surgeries), under the guidance of a qualified Healthcare Professional
• Nurses: they are the backbone of the hospital and is now in high demand. They take temperatures, blood pressure and pulse; they administer drugs and provide injections; clean and dress the wound; help doctors, patients and their families

How to protect yourself if you are working as health care assistant

Ensure sufficient and adequate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is provided to you by the hospital or private organisation you work for. Ensure WHO safety guidelines for treating patients with Covid-19 or accessing Covid 19 wards put in place and respected. Any symptoms of coronavirus, you should get tested immediately. If positive, you should self-isolate.

If you feel your workplace is unsafe or your rights are not respected, contact one of the various trade unions for occupational health: BMA, Unison, the Royal College of Nursing and the Royal College of Midwives.