Sales and Retail

People who want to start their careers in sales and retail have a lot of options. It’s also common among students who work part-time to support themselves while they study. While credentials are necessary for some sectors, sales and retail professions depend entirely on abilities, experience, and personality. As a result, when we interview individuals for these posts, we look for this. We push them to join official and informal sales and retail courses and conferences to upskill our prospects.


Although this is a popular field of work, it also has a high turnover of staff. Not everybody is suitable for a sales position and retail can be very high pressure and very demanding. We are therefore careful to do thorough background checks, referral follow-ups and skills testing before entering a candidate into our database for this industry. When we spot potential, we encourage it. When we find that a candidate is not suitable for a sales and retail environment, we will guide them towards a more suitable career.

It is, therefore, possible to provide clients with suitable candidates on very short notice. Our candidates agree to be available on a regular basis, as well as turning up for the assignment when they are expected to.


Usually salespeople work on commission, but we recognise that there are certain insurmountable challenges for temporary workers in this regard. One of their main concerns is that they don’t have a regular income and may not be able to travel to work due to a lack of funds. We, therefore, recommend that candidates are paid an hourly rate with a sales target bonus attached. When they reach their sales target, they are then eligible for an additional bonus. Working this way, they are not only willing to work, but also highly motivated to work hard in order to qualify for their bonus. All this will be tracked by the consultant through the feedback obtained from both the client as well as the candidate.