According to our latest insights, Warehouse Operatives, Support Workers and Registered Nurses are the professionals that have been in highest demand over the past few months. 

We analysed our data from June, July and August 2020, to understand which job titles were most commonly advertised on our site over the past three months.  

We’ve also looked at the same period last year to see whether there’s been a change in the most popular job titles. And our data shows they have. Read on for more insights 

Which workers are in highest demand? 

We know that job opportunities have been few and far between during the lockdown period, but our data shows which roles employers have been advertising the most over the past few months.  

Not surprisingly, we’re seeing a demand for professionals that were classed as key workers; including workers in care, teaching and driving. 

In fact, the majority of jobs fell under the following titles: 

  1. Warehouse Operative – 4,047 jobs 
  2. Support Worker – 2,957 jobs 
  3. Registered Nurse – 2,683 jobs  
  4. Labourer – 2,027 jobs 
  5. Care Assistant – 2,005 jobs 
  6. Cleaner – 1,571 jobs 
  7. Production Operative – 1,373 
  8. Delivery Driver – 1,232 jobs 
  9. Teaching Assistant – 1,012 jobs 
  10. Census Engagement Manager – 950 jobs 

What jobs are people searching for? 

In addition to this, further analysis shows that the most common job titles that candidates have been searching for during this period include: Warehouse Operative, Administrator, Receptionist, Driver, Electrician, Retail Assistant, Project Manager, Cleaner, Production Operative and Site Manager. 

As we can see, there is definitely a correlation between what people are searching for and the jobs that are in highest demand amongst employers; so, it’s clear that many workers are reacting to market demand. 

How do the findings compare to last year? 

Unsurprisingly, the overall number of jobs posted on CV-Library’s site between June and August 2020 was substantially lower than the same period last year. However, when looking at the types of jobs that are being advertised, the findings show a real shift in the most popular vacancies year-on-year. 

In fact, the most common jobs advertised between June and August in 2019 were: 

  1. Warehouse Operative – 6,190 jobs 
  2. Labourer – 3,654 jobs 
  3. Administrator – 2,915 jobs 
  4. Customer Service Advisor – 2,718 jobs 
  5. Production Operative – 2,459 jobs 
  6. Project Manager – 2,227 jobs 
  7. Customer Assistant – 2,204 jobs  
  8. Site Manager – 2,182 jobs 
  9. Maintenance Engineer – 2,129 jobs 
  10. Sales Executive – 2,069 jobs 

While there are naturally less jobs being advertised than last year, we can see a clear difference in the ones that are in highest demand. In fact, 2020 has seen increased demand for care professionals; while 2019 saw more of a need for customer service and sales positions.  

We know that more people are adapting to this and searching for roles in different industries; and employers also need to be more open to hiring people from different sectors. 

Want to advertise your jobs? 

More people are looking for work and we’re currently experiencing record-breaking application rates. If you have an urgent role to fill, get in touch with our team and we can put together a hiring package that meets your needs. 

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