Temp-to-Permanent Jobs
A temp-to-permanent job position is the one in which the employee is offered a temporary job which later on turns into a permanent job offer by the employer. The employee may be hired for a certain project temporarily but later on the basis of satisfactory work the company decides to offer the employee a permanent job position.
Mostly the job seekers ignore the temporary job as they find it useless but the information below can really prove the point to consider the temporary job as it can lead you to new successful ways of your career where a permanent job might not have taken you.
Perks for Employees
 Access Job Fit: It is hard to access by the employer if the candidate they are choosing would be beneficial for the company in the future basis or not. However, this approach can be vice versa. The same way a job seeker would never know if the job they are going for would provide them future benefits or not so a temp job can be a deciding period for the candidate if they really fit in or not.
 Learn new skills: Any new place can give you the opportunity to learn new skills. A short term job opportunity can lead you to develop new skills and can be proved to be a great training for yourself.
 Easily try new careers: When you are not sure about what you want to do next, a tem job opportunity can be an excellent way to explore a new potential career path. Since the position is temporary so the employer may want to take a chance with a no experience person.
 Expand your Resume: To avoid the experience gap on your resume, temp jobs can be the ideal way to keep updating your resume unless you find a permanent job. This also adds an experience of learning different new skills to your resume which can give a very good impression of you on the employer.
Tips for getting Temp Positions
 Apply early for a seasonal job: Before the number of candidates increase for a job position it is better to search the seasonal job with a time ahead. As the recruitment season gets active it decreases the chances to successfully get a position you applied for.
 Be professional: If you plan to make your temporary job permanent, you really need to plan some things accordingly. For example it is important to do some research work about the organization you are applying for, prepare some interview questions, dress according to the culture of the organization, in fact act like as if it’s an interview for a permanent job.
 Don’t Focus on the Fringe Benefits: Its more professional of you if you don’t show your excitements about the free ticket for the concert or access to the pool. This lets the employer think that you are genuinely more focused and concerned about the work rather than the benefits offered.
How to Turn temp into permanent?
1. Follow Company Culture: To follow the same culture of the company shows respect to the company and also gives a positive image of you as an individual and shows your willingness to work for the company. You can keep in mind to follow the culture in terms of hours, socializing, meeting and behavior etc.
2. Be Responsible: Think of your temp job as an audition or testing period. Be respectful to the colleagues, avoid leaving early or getting late, don’t take excessive leaves. In short be a dependable employee.
3. Do your best work: Satisfying your employer can definitely win you extra points for your good work. Be sure of giving and trying your best at whatever task you are given.
4. Go the extra mile: Volunteer for an extra work and show willingness to give a hand of help to your colleague. Your enthusiasm and commitment to your work will make the employer see that you are the right person for a long term permanent position.
5. Network: Just doing the good work unnoticeably won’t be enough to make your temp job permanent. Interacting with your co-workers to showcase your work and to ensure the hiring powers are aware of your value as an employee can immensely help you secure your permanent position in the organization.
6. Ask for an opportunity: It’s good to show your willingness to work as a permanent employee. You can ask for a feedback about your work and establish a timeline for a decision by the employer about the offer of permanent employment. Avoid being pushy about it while making your intentions clear.
Where to approach for a temporary job?
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