What is a Staff Agency?
A Staff Agency recruits employees for businesses that are seeking to fill certain positions. When you hire a Staff Agency to help you hire a new staff. The process typically goes as follows:
1. The employer contacts the Staffing Agency: First, you will reach out to a staff agency that specializes in your Industry, specifying the job responsibilities, the number of employees required, the time line to hire new employees and the salary rate.
2. The Agency creates a Job description: The agency then writes up a job description and advertises it on behalf of the company or organization. They might also reach out to the candidates individually if a candidate is a good fit for the job.
3. The Staff firm vets Candidates: Once the staff agency starts to review the applications for the candidates, they start evaluating them on the basis of their experience and qualification. After that certain number of candidates are shortlisted for the interviews. Further selection is done by the Staff Agency to finally introduce those number of candidates to the employer.
4. The employer makes the final decision: The hiring manager or business owner would conduct the final interview of those candidates shortlisted by the staff agency. This could save a lot of time and stress for the company that could have spend a lot of time to go through each and every application. Of course the employer has to make a final decision of hiring.
5. The agency has to take care of the paperwork: Besides finding new staff, the staff agency also takes the responsibility of all the paperwork and makes sure to get the candidate a best deal. All the paperwork may include new hires, contract, taxes and other payroll tasks.
What can a Staff Agency do for you?
Here are some of the benefits offered by a right Staff Agency:
Fast Hiring: Biggest perk of having a Staff Agency by your side is to save a lot of time. Staff Agency gets to your business the moment you get in touch with them. This can save you so much of your time and get your work done in a few hours instead of several days to weeks.
Flexibility: Staff Agencies have brought the opportunity of a lot of flexibility for the companies and the candidates. On one side where the staff agencies are offering temporary jobs, on the other hand it also brings new working opportunities for the candidates. In short Staff Agencies are benefiting both the parties.
Reduced Risk: There are a lot of legal responsibilities involved with being an employer, like covering several taxes, providing insurance coverage, and following labor laws. This concludes that hiring employees also comes with financial risks, especially when an employee has to be fired or the unexpected leaves. When you use a staff agency, the agency assumes all these liabilities for you.
What are the common misconceptions about the Staff Agencies?
 High charges: One of the biggest misconception about a Staff Agency is the amount of money they charge. Many companies would look at the cost of an agency but typically fails to realize the value and savings they can provide on a long run basis. Getting a new staff on your own takes much longer so the longer a post is empty the higher a company has to bear the loss. So working with a Staff Agency can reduce the time to multiple times along with decreasing the loss in productivity.
 Quality of the employees: The other common myth about the Staff Agency is the quality of their employees. Some companies may believe that the employees coming through a Staff Agency are there because they couldn’t get hired anywhere else. Well this is not always the case, in fact temporary employees are often over qualified for the jobs they are doing. Such employees are doing the temp jobs for the sake of trying to do something in a new field or they really value flexibility or they just want a big change for themselves. Moreover, the chances of getting a permanent hiring from a temp job is much higher than coming directly for the permanent job.
How to work with a Staff Firm?
Ready to hire a Staff Agency? Find the right one using the following experts advice:
 Find the right company: Before you can find the quality employees, you need to take some time out to reach for a well reputed Staff Agency. Make sure you are working with a reputable firm that takes pride in the employees it sends. That includes making sure that their employees have all the proper credentials verified, also if they are carrying the proper insurances including general liabilities and workers compensation insurance.
 Be clear about your needs: The primary aim of a Staff agency is to deliver you the most suitable and competent candidate. But they would fail to do it if you don’t communicate with them thoroughly about your company, your position and exactly a kind of employee you are looking for. Besides giving a detailed job description like responsibilities and skills you are looking for, you also need to tell them about your corporate culture and the kind of professionals that can succeed there.
 Check over the legal aspects: Depending on the types of position a staff firm will help you fill, make sure to go through all the employment related legal details. Additionally you want to review the contract that are in place to avoid any breaking of law or regulation in the future.
 Maintain a good relationship: It may take some trials or errors before you could actually find a right staff agency for your company but once you succeed to find one, better stick with it. You can get a skyrocket success in a short time if you are able to build a good relationship with a reliable Staff Agency as they would always consider you before others without compromising over the quality.
Which Staffing Agency to approach?
When you are looking for a Staff Agency you make sure they have the experience of dealing the multiple industries and whether they offer temporary, temporary-to-hire or permanent jobs or all of the three. As you have the opportunity to look for a staff agency so why not approach the best one in town. If you are looking for a reliable staff agency Workers-direct can offer you the best services. As we have the professional experience and we can help you facilitate with the best opportunities as soon as you approach us. You can contact us from anywhere as we provide the our services all across the UK. We also have the experience of working in different sectors of areas and that makes us the most reliable and results oriented staff agency. We are professionals with the experience of 10 years, we provide training workshops to our candidates to help you develop skills. Besides counsel you about your resume and cover letter. Last but not the least, we do not ask for any charges from our candidates. However, we also don’t ask for any advance payments from the companies unless we successfully deliver a skilful candidate to the company.
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