With less opportunities to meet candidates face-to-face, companies are considering new ways to engage with job hunters; and this is where virtual careers fairs come in! 

If you’ve adapted your recruitment process recently, you’re not alone. In fact, our research tells us that 85.3% of hiring professionals have made changes to their recruiting methods following the pandemic.  

Otherwise known as jobs fairs or recruitment fairs, these events are designed to connect candidates and employers. Traditionally they’d take place face-to-face and would see hundreds or thousands of employers set-up stands in exhibition centres across the UK.  

But, with restrictions on large gatherings still in place, more of these fairs are now happening online. 

In fact, our first ever virtual event, focused exclusively on the health and social care sector, is due to take place on Thursday 12th November. This is a great opportunity to make multiple hires in one day, without leaving your desk. 

If you’ve never exhibited at a virtual careers fair before, don’t worry. Our guide offers some advice on why you should consider it; as well as some top tips on how to make the most of the day. 

Why exhibit at virtual careers fairs? 

The current market means more people are looking for work than ever before. In fact, according to a poll that we ran amongst 1,000 UK professionals, 71.5% of Brits are still hoping to find a new job despite the pandemic.  

This means there’s a massive, active, talent pool for you to choose from. But there are some other reasons why you might want to exhibit at one. This includes: 

  • Reduced time to hire: Promote all of your vacancies, receive applications and make multiple hires, all in one day 
  • Qualify candidates: Search and pre-screen candidates’ CVs, prior to engaging with them, to ensure you match with the top talent 
  • Showcase your culture: Tell your company story by sharing videos, PDFs, webinars and more to entice candidates 
  • Instant interaction: Engage with candidates via chat, audio or video on the day, and schedule interviews  
  • Data analytics: Measure success with live traffic insights through your recruiter dashboard 

Tips for exhibiting 

If you’re ready to maximise your presence at virtual careers fairs, you’re probably keen to know how to get the best out of it. Here are some of our tips for exhibiting. 

Maximise your stand 

With prominent branding, your exhibition stand acts as a hub for your vacancies. So, make sure you submit all your relevant artwork, documents and information in advance to ensure it looks the part. 

This might include your company bio, with links to your website and social media platforms. You should also have your company logo, a picture of the recruiters attending and any important videos or documents that showcase your brand. 

Perfect your job adverts 

Virtual careers fairs offer the perfect platform to showcase your latest job vacancies. These will appear on your stand; so, you need to ensure they hit the mark and are appealing to potential candidates. 

Remember, it needs to help potential applicants to build a positive impression of the role and your company. Our ultimate job posting guide provides plenty of useful insights into what makes people apply for jobs.  

This includes a succinct job title and description; and ensuring you display a precise location and salary. Remember, it needs to be easy to read and digest. Keep it to a good length and use bullet points and headings to break the content up. 

Consider additional opportunities 

Aside from advertising your jobs, many of these events often offer up additional speaker opportunities. Usually in the form of webinars, these interactive sessions can include a live Q+A where candidates can ask you more about your company and what it’s like to work there. 

These sessions are ideal for sharing your video content and showcasing your brand and culture. In most cases, you can see which candidates have attended your slots; enabling you to follow up with them directly. 

Be present 

On the day, it’s important to be as a present as possible. After all, with virtual careers fairs candidates can instantly message you and ask questions about the jobs you’re advertising. So, you need to be ready to answer them! 

Alongside this, if you do need to step away for some time (it’s perfectly acceptable to take a break!) make sure you change your status from ‘Online’ to ‘Away’. That way job seekers will know that you’re unavailable for a short period. 

Remember, good communication is vital throughout the recruitment process. Keep a professional manner at all times; avoid typing in slang or text speak. 

Dress the part 

As mentioned earlier, virtual careers fairs offer the opportunity to speak with candidates through video. So, you need to ensure you look the part when exhibiting at one. This isn’t the time to be moping around in your pyjamas; get showered, dressed and set-up for the day. 

You want to give off a positive vibe and you’d definitely expect candidates to do the same. By looking presentable, you’ll give off a great impression of yourself and the company you’re hiring for. 

Attending virtual careers fairs 

If you’re looking to hire, exhibiting at a virtual careers fair can be really beneficial. After all, it presents a great platform to engage with relevant candidates and showcase your brand. 

Our highly targeted virtual event will allow you to engage with pre-screened health and social care talent matched to your jobs. If you’re keen to exhibit, contact your Account Manager on 01252 810995, or email events@cv-library.co.uk. 

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