Warehouse and logistics are specialised fields that require specific qualifications and experience. From the Storeman to the Forklift driver and even the Warehouse manager / supervisor – they all have to have certain qualifications in order to fulfil the positions that they have been appointed for. Some certifications, such as forklift driving, have to be renewed on a regular basis. It is our job at Temporary Staff Agency (TSA) to make sure that all our candidates for this industry meet all the industry requirements before adding them to the database. If there are renewal issues, we flag them and follow up with the candidate when the renewal is due. This way we make sure that there is no risk for the client when we appoint a temporary worker on their behalf.

Skills and experience

In addition to qualifications, each candidate also needs to have and gain experience in order to stay up-to-date with developments in the field. We encourage our candidates to attend upskilling courses and when we assign them, we try and put them in positions that will help them gain more experience in their chosen field.

Client feedback

Client feedback in this industry is vital. We track each candidate’s professional development through the feedback they receive from the client. If there are any gaps in experience or qualifications, we strongly encourage our candidates to fill these as soon as possible. We also assist the candidate with work that will help him / her build the necessary skills and experience to fill any identified gaps. All our placements are, of course, covered by our replacement and discount guarantee.