Not many temporary staff agencies are able to provide workers in the industrial industry. Temporary Staff Agency (TSA), however, is the exception. We have an extensive database of qualified, skilled and experienced workers ready to start work at very short notice. From artisans to professionals, we have candidates who can fill almost any position in the industrial industry.

Qualifications, skills and experience

In this industry there’s a high demand for manual labour and we have many people on our database who are willing and able to meet the requirements for this kind of work. There are also positions for people with specialised qualifications and skills. Although they are highly sought after, we can proudly claim that we have the capacity to provide temporary staff to fulfil these roles.


When we receive a request to fill a position in this field, our consultants will always make sure that the job specification is detailed enough for us to make the most appropriate match the first time round. We offer a replacement and discount guarantee but acknowledge that when temporary staff is needed there is no room for error. The client is therefore assisted with completing the job specification in as much detail as possible. The candidate is then contacted and they are asked to review the job specification. If the candidate agrees to meet the requirements, we will then make the placement based on the information that we received from both the client and the candidate. This preparation is essential for the successful completion of the assignment. Our client’s satisfaction is our foremost concern and we pride ourselves that we very seldom have to replace candidates based on their job performance.